Aims & Objectives

  • To conserve and regenerate Punjabi Cultural Heritage regardless of religion.
  • To support and encourage national and local scholarship in Punjabi history, culture, literature, music and arts.
  • To record and conserve the oral history of Punjab.
  • To provide logistic assistance to scholars, academics, and students, who are interested in the Punjab region.

Board of Trustees

The Khojgarh Trust comprises of following members.

  • Iqbal Qaiser (Managing Trustee)
  • Prof Jameel Ahmad Paul
  • Dr Saeed Khawar Bhutta
  • Prof Khalid Humyun
  • Aleem Shakeel
  • Riaz Ahmad Malik
  • Abdul Sattar
  • Abdul Jabbar


The institute offer supervision for those wishing to conduct research, write academic essays, develop manuscript for publishing, or work on dissertation/thesis.

The institute runs a training and teaching program in the form of workshops for students and scholars, aiming to develop research and teaching skills. National and international academics , engaged in research, conduct the workshops. The training workshops are part of the efforts to encourage local scholarship through national and overseas individual and corporate funding.

The Institute also facilities the selected research proposals or publications in attracting funds to support the research.

Institute also aims to create Fellowships on history, culture, literature, music and art of Punjab with the sponsorship form trustees, individual philanthropist, professional bodies and private sector institutions, both home and overseas to support local scholarship and publications.

There will be two categories of fellowships pitched at different levels of scholarship. One is unrestricted and is open to competition for all candidates, above the age 40, called Senior Fellowships. The second category of fellowhips is reserved for the teachers in social sciences, history and arts at colleges of small towns and cities in Pakistan. The Junior Fellowship will run during the summer, to encourage research and publications at colleges in Pakistan.

The spin offs from research or entire publications will be published.

The fellowships will bear the name of the persons or their representative, who have made the endowment for the specific fellowships. The negotiation for the grants on following two fellowships in underway.

Baba Farid Fellowship on Punjab History
Bulleh Shah Fellowship on Islamic History
Joshwa Fazil Din Fellowship on Punjabi culture
Baba Guru Nanak Fellowship on Punjabi literature
Ustad Allah Baksh Fellowship on Punjabi Art
Madam Noor Jahan Fellowship on Punjabi Music


Lalliyani (Mustafa Abad),
District Kasur, Pakistan.

Phone: +92 300 943 28 52